Slip on your robe and sandals and enjoy all the comforts of your favorite spa without leaving the comfort of your chosen Hilltop property.

Stephanie, our licensed, in-house massage therapist is available for an assortment of techniques to help make your vacation a truly relaxing one. As with all our specialists, book early to assure availability.

Stephanie Berends, PA LMT
Phone: 215-350-3323

Hours preferred between 10 am – 6 pm

PA Massage License #MSG005114 ABMP
Liability Member ID #911428

Modalities: (“Techniques”)

  • Chair Massage (available for 20min chair services)
  • Swedish (chair or table service)
  • Deep Tissue (chair or table service)
  • Reiki (Full session or could be a session on its own or integrated in all services except for Cupping and Hot Stone)
  • Trigger Point Therapy (Integrative therapy)
  • Hot Stone (available for 60min / 90 min table services) (needs 20 – 40 mins to acquire desired temp for sessions) (+$30 upgrade)
  • Cupping Massage (available for 60min / 90min table services) (+$30 upgrade)
  • Myofascial Release (available for 60min / 90min table services) (+$30 upgrade)

Additional Options: (+ $5)

  • Integrative Reiki -CBD oil / fixed aromatherapy blend
  • Integrative Trigger Point Therapy -Aromatherapy single notes
  • Integrative Assisted Stretching (available for table services only)

* *All persons receiving services from our menu are required to fill out a health intake form to ensure the health and safety of our clients. There are some contraindications of receiving massage.**


  • $30 Travel Fee (Per diem is without add ons or upgrades)
  • 20 mins / $40 up to 18 units / day
  • 30 mins / $60 up to 12 units / day
  • 60 mins / $120 up to 4 units / day
  • 90 mins / $180 up to 3 units / day